Sunday, 5 January 2014

Enterprise Development Best Practice for Dynamics CRM

As part of our quality assurance review process we're currently in the process of aligning our CRM development practices with the guidance published by Microsoft - you can find the white paper here:

As part of that process we identified some areas around source control and Continuous Integration we needed to improve on:

1. Source Code Integration

Enable an automated extract of an unmanged solution from a local dev CRM server to disk for check-in to TFS.

2. Daily Automated Builds

Create a CRM deployment package based on a daily schedule using the latest source code in TFS.

3. Automate Build CRM Solution Package and Deploy to Target Server 

Create an automated pack CRM Solution from TFS and import to target CRM.

4. Web Resource editing in Visual Studio

Enable a developer to work on a web resource in VS and have the resource publish to CRM from the IDE.

5. Source Control Plugin Registration Settings

Enable a developer to source control plugin registration settings.

6. Automated Import and Publishing

Update deployment process to automate import and publish process.

We're currently working through the resolution for each of these issues with a combination of the Solution Packager, the xRM Framework for Continuous Integration and custom code but I'll write a post on each as we resolve them.

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